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Technology’s Changed – Have You?

Have you wondered about how OEMs and other manufacturers utilize a proven tool kit to improve operations cost, customer service, and quality? Or how can your operation gain efficiencies and increase technician satisfaction using modern tools?

Process management is critical to customer satisfaction and technician retention, and in this session you’ll leave with some tools and ideas to improve your fixed ops processes.

Attendees will:

  • Gain an understanding of three process tools that you can use to improve your fixed operations.
  • Learn how to measure critical performance issues – what they mean and how to improve them.
  • Develop a common language across your team about what’s measured – and what’s expected.

Key Takeaways:

  • How do the leaders keep getting better, and how do I use the same tools to help me continue to build my organization’s performance
  • How leveraging technology to capture real-time data can help identify bottlenecks
  • Why becoming more efficient in fixed operations is critical today and tomorrow.