Vick Kuzmenko

CEO, RCG Logistics

Vick Kuzmenko has 20 years of experience in the automotive, powersport, finance, repossession, and freight industries, specializing in logistics services from the birth to death of any motorized or EV vehicle. From the start of his career, Mr. Kuzmenko has led the vehicle logistics divisions of four companies – moving thousands of vehicles a day from coast to coast. Mr. Kuzmenko has fostered the spirit of partnership with both the demand and supply sides of the automotive, powersport, finance, repossession, and freight industries, with a proven track record. As a co-chair member within International Automotive Remarketers Alliance and a member of National Auto Auction Association, Vick Kuzmenko is passionate about contributing to the success of the industry.

Mr. Kuzmenko is a loving husband, a father to an adorable toddler, and an avid car enthusiast. Since childhood, he has battled rheumatoid arthritis which has taught him how to overcome adversities and the value of relationships, both personal and professional. During his career, Mr. Kuzmenko has leaned on these relationships as he completed four joint replacement surgeries (both knees and both hips) while continuing to grow RCG Logistics 999-1,385%.

Through his steadfast dedication, unflappable loyalty and unyielding work ethic, Mr. Kuzmenko possesses a deep passion for developing team members into future leaders, creating efficient and transparent solutions for his customers, designing, and developing the next generation automotive logistics software, and expanding into new industries with differential, new, and unique services. Mr. Kuzmenko has shown tremendous success during his 20 years in the supply chain industries, and he is more eager and ready to take RCG Logistics to new markets, industries, and unlimited opportunities, domestically and internationally!