Virtual Inspections Enable Profitable Acquisitions

As inventory levels rise, consumers will have more choices to both trade in their vehicle and shop for a new vehicle. With consumers now having choices, dealerships will need to focus on how to effectively reach consumers in the most optimal manner. With a renewed focus on deal profitability, a key part of that digital interaction is pricing the consumer trade or sale for maximum profit. Virtual inspections are the answer to assess vehicle condition of offsite vehicles and effectively provide a firm price for the consumers vehicle without having them come to the store. With photos alone, a virtual inspection gives you an instant detailed condition report and allows dealers to price the vehicle, increase their buyer marketing area, and consistently acquire and sell more vehicles.

Key Takeaways: 

  • Virtual Inspections can increase buyer base
  • Virtual Inspections allow omni channel and remote purchasing of consumer vehicles
  • Virtual Inspections require only photos of the vehicle”
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