Using Video-Enhanced DR to Improve Lead Conversion

Despite the increase in usage of digital retailing tools by consumers, many dealers struggle with low rates of converting digital retailing leads into showroom visits and sales. Among the reasons for low conversion are the inherent limitations of text and chat tools. With the increase in video usage across all industries, it’s clear that if properly applied, video-enhanced digital retailing has significant potential. While in-person interactions are ideal for a salesperson, having enhanced digital features is unavoidable in our changing social and digital times.

A2Z will soon launch a new product to complement our current DR tool while also enhancing the customer experience and increasing engagement. Tori Morandi will describe A2Z’s new tool and how it will benefit dealers.

Key Takeaways:

  • The modern car buyer is often on the go, needs instant support and answers, and wants a seamless experience. A2Z Sync’s new feature will allow salespeople to conduct nearly the entire deal without even having to shake the customer’s hand. Learn how you can differentiate your dealership from the competition by offering a more humanized and engaging experience.
  • A key component in ensuring your dealership and staff is providing the highest quality digital customer experience is consistent and unified service throughout the journey. We will demonstrate how can you provide these experiences beyond the walls of your dealership while ensuring all relevant parties are included.
  • Dealers who adopt the A2Z Sync selling model are seeing reduced transaction times, increased PVR and higher customer satisfaction. They are able to create more meaningful connections with their customers through a transparent, one-person approach, resulting in relationships built on trust and loyalty.
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