The “Other” Electric Buyer

The market shift to electric vehicles is a daily news headline – the myriad of models being introduced by manufacturers and their planned timeframes, increasing sales volumes, and consumer anticipation. While you know the market shift is occurring, do you know the metrics of which electric vehicles are selling and which consumers are purchasing them? Yes, “Tesla buyers” are the current majority, but what about the “other” buyers. How do consumer profiles vary and differ amongst luxury vs. non-luxury vehicle segments and the associated makes and models? Join our workshop to understand the current electric vehicle landscape, how the market segment is changing, as well as the consumer profile for these purchases.

Key Takeaways:

  • Electric vehicle sales and registrations are clearly on the rise. Are you aware of details about current registration trends and growth rates?
  • To date, Tesla has been the EV market leader and we know the demographics of those purchasers- but what about the ‘other’ EV buyers? What do buyers of other EV luxury makes look like and how do they differ from Tesla purchasers? What are the demographics of non-luxury EV buyers?
  • As the electric vehicle market continues to expand, are you armed with the necessary insights for marketing to specific customer subsets who are not the current majority purchasers?
Retail Workshop