The Age of AI in Remarketing: What Lies Ahead

AI has been a part of remarketing for years, delivering millions of 3D images, smooth 360s and more. And now, machine learning models are starting to power the next generation of vehicle information—automated damage detection—which will bring a new level of consistency to remarketing. But that’s just what’s on the immediate horizon.

What follows for the industry in the age of AI is even more exciting, and it will begin at the intersection of immersive 3D imaging and deep data about each vehicle. In this session, Manheim’s Zach Hallowell and Fyusion’s Stephen Miller will share how machine learning models fueled by these two powerful sources will ultimately deliver the best possible representation of a vehicle and move the industry from vehicle information to true vehicle intelligence.

Key Takeaways:

  • AI is already playing a significant role in the remarketing industry through fixed and mobile 3D imaging—and its importance for clients will only grow in the coming years.
  • Automated damage detection can bring much-needed consistency in vehicle information—a crucial element in enabling digital vehicle sales.
  • The future of AI in remarketing is bright, as machine learning models bring together numerous inputs to deliver even deeper vehicle insights, drive data-based decision making and move the industry from more static vehicle information to immersive vehicle intelligence. 
NRC Spring Summit