Stop Everyone From Reaching Into Your Pocket! Part 2

Everyone is always reaching into the dealer’s pocket. That stops now!

In this session, you will leave with a solid understanding of how to ensure you are keeping the money you make.

By looking at your daily risk through a different lens, you will discover a whole new side of your business which may have gone unnoticed.
Unlock the nuances of your insurance policies and how they should help you operationally. Implementing proper loss control procedures will stem the erosion of “gross” from your bottom line. Stopping problems before they happen saves you money.
You’ll be energized to put your entrepreneurial spirit to work as soon as you get back to the store! Don’t miss this one!

Key Takeaways:

  • You will understand some nuances of your insurance policies: what’s covered, what’s excluded, primary areas of concern, what new products to consider to protect your dealership
  • Through a unique perspective, you will learn how to view specific dealership problems in a new light (using real life examples), how dissect and how to solve those complex problems
  • How dealers can transfer risk and use new tactics to get an early opportunity at resolving problems before they become too big and too expensive
  • You will learn the biggest areas of dealership liability exposure to consider fixing right away
  • Tom Kline will resolve any participants’ problems during the seminar if audience members are willing to participate in this meaningful way (and they often are!)
Retail Workshop