Smart Automation: Unlocking New Opportunities with Technology

Volatility in our industry is causing pain. Staffing shortages, financing challenges, inflation and interest pressures, and vehicle valuation fluctuations are all exposing the value of extremely agile operations. Automating and augmenting lenders’ workflows has become imperative for them to remain viable and pull ahead. In this session, learn how to squeeze and optimize your systems to:


  1. Reduce staff by automating lending decisions and increasing consistency
  2. Optimize marketing activities exclusively to prequalified & prescreened leads for your business
  3. Harness the power of alternative data to return highly accurate decisions in seconds, including considerations of vehicle data, co-borrowers, and deal structure, to offer the competitive rates and win more deals

Key Takeaways: 

  • Automation is the answer to staffing shortages: augment your physical workforce with software to continue growth and development
  • Get qualified traffic to the door: dealers have a defined “sweet spot” for clientele, as do lenders in terms of credit quality and ability to pay – finding these individuals ahead of the competition and bringing them “to the door” is the optimal way to drive new originations
  • Accuracy and agility are still critical: in a volatile market, “hard coding” automation on legacy tools will begin to falter. Opt for agile solutions with leading-edge data and technology to provide you with the best insights and automated processes that can respond to real-time changes
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