Online Wholesale Picks Up Speed

Online vehicle remarketing/wholesale capabilities have existed for decades, but the focus has intensified in the last two to three years. Auto auction industry incumbents have ratcheted up online operations amid COVID-19, while recent startups in the digital wholesale space are now publicly traded and/or part of larger corporate entities. More recently, major tech players on the retail side of automotive are now launching their own online wholesale offerings. And lately, all of this has occurred against a backdrop of dealers seeking alternative ways to find used cars amid a supply shortage. This panels gather several players in the online wholesale vehicle segment to discuss the macro and micro factors behind this digital surge, while also exploring the granular aspects of the technology necessary for such platforms to succeed

Key Takeaways:

  • What is driving the increased interest in online wholesale, both from a corporate, small business and investment perspective.
  • The important technological and logistical considerations needed for online wholesale platforms to succeed.
  • The differences between the various forms of online wholesale and the market pain points these platforms aim to solve.
  • Where the market is headed next in terms of innovation.
Auto Intel Summit