Lender Car Buying Services – Direct or Indirect, is that the question?

Over 80% of vehicle sales involve financing. Credit plays an important role early in the Digital Retailing process and is paramount for a personalized consumer experience.

This session will look at the lender’s role in Digital Retailing for direct and indirect lending models.

We’ll explore how lenders are playing a more prominent role early in the online sales process to help set realistic consumer buying expectations, reduce loan origination inefficiencies and build better dealer relationships to increase loan market share.

Key Takeaways:

  • What’s the difference and advantages/disadvantages of direct/indirect lending and the lender’s role in both.
  • How lenders can compete effectively vs FinTech disrupters, especially with lower inventory levels.
  • Lenders and FinTech disrupters. Do you build, buy, or partner to stay in front of the competition?
Auto Intel Summit