Keys to Successfully Mining Your Service Drive

A dealer’s service drive is ripe with opportunity for new inventory and sales, but too often the service drive is overlooked, undervalued or improperly managed – resulting in undesirable results. Mining the service drive typically fails because dealers aren’t mining at all, are sending the newest salesperson on staff to find the easiest sale, are mining manually through a research-intensive process or are only using the sold database – missing out on more than half of service customers. Finding success mining the service drive doesn’t have to be labor intensive and it can provide incredible return when done properly. Here are three ways dealers can find success mining their service drives.

Key Takeaways:

  • Attendees will learn how to engage customers through Automation.
  • How to automate the buying of customer cars from the service drive
  • How to automate texts and emails and create hand-raising customers a sales staff can sell
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