Is One-Person Selling Right for Your Dealership?

The traditional auto retail sales process is under attack, and it appears to be reaching the end of its useful life. When Super Bowl commercials venomously attack car dealers, it’s a sign that the old model is becoming a dinosaur. The question is, what will replace it? Should dealers be copycatting what the online disruptors like Carvana and Vroom are doing or should they self-invent a new model that builds on their strengths as physical retailers? There is a lot of talk today about single person selling models, where one person at the dealership is handling the customer from start to finish, including F&I. A2Z Sync CEO Chip Perry will share a down-to-earth view of how dealers can elevate their customer experience and profits by embracing a transformative One-Person Sales Model.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand new options that are available for delivering an exceptional customer and employee experience.
  • Helping dealers identify the best role for digital retailing to play into their overall customer journey strategy.
  • Help dealers evaluate the priority they are placing on the in-store experience compared to digital tools on websites.
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