Interoperability in the Future Online Auto Market

When you sell a car, oftentimes you are selling that car across state lines. As we continue to move into a digital world, it is critical that dealers, regulators, buyers, and sellers are all able to connect and work together cohesively across state lines. We need an interoperable process to seamlessly relay vehicle information and data that matches the industry of not only today but tomorrow.

Join us for a discussion on why the industry and regulators should come together to Identify antiquated system challenges and provide suggestions for how we can move the industry towards a frictionless online consumer experience.

Fireside chat with open audience Q&A; discuss identifiable pain points and proposed solutions for dealers, vendors, and consumers and ultimately, regulators.

Key Takeaways:

  • Regulatory hurdles that remain for
    • eSignature
    • RON
    • eTitling
    • ePOAs
    • eOdometer Disclosure
  • Discuss solutions that reduce pain points for dealers, vendors, and consumers and ultimately, regulators
  • Coalitions that are needed to advance shared industry goals
Retail Workshop