How to Get “Mainstream” Consumers to Go EV

While recent years have marked great progress in EV sales growth in the US, virtually all of these sales have been in luxury and premium luxury segments, and, as Mary Bara has said 98% of those who purchased EVs owned, on average, two other vehicles. Clearly, it will take new finance methods, pricing, and mobility options to get entry-level EVs into “mainstream” hands, to overcome higher prices and buyer hesitancy. This “Fireside Chat” discussion will explore many of these emerging ways to accelerate the growth of EV sales, with innovators in the forefront leading the way in EV subscriptions, EV retail finance, and EV consumer information, education, and experiential support services. All ushering in a new era in “EVs for Everyone, Everywhere.”

Key Takeaways: 

  • Present an overview of how the entire EV ecosystem – OEMs, dealers, finance organizations and technology vendors, can work together, to maximize the impact of federal and state EV new and used vehicle financial incentives to profitably expand EV sales beyond the affluent luxury buyer, to the higher volume mainstream automotive consumer
  • Define the areas of change – vehicle subscriptions, new fintech and finance innovations, and direct consumer education and experiential innovations – in automotive EV retailing that will usher in and enable “mainstream” vehicle buyers to drive and own EVs in the near future.
  • Review the ways in which dealer retailers and remarketers can best leverage these new innovations, combined with their infrastructure and expertise, to sell more EVs to mainstream buyers today and scale sales rapidly as more moderately priced EV vehicles are introduced by manufacturers
Auto Intel Summit