Faster Sales and Service through Geo-Intelligence

Many workshops will discuss coaching, elaborate processes, and expensive new tech. None will offer a simpler solution to lost sales – location. 

In this session, attendees will learn how geo-intelligence – the ability to make any dealership asset like a car or key report where exactly it is located, when it arrived, when it moved, where it moved, and even who moved it – makes margin and sales loss due to misplaced assets or unmanaged processes a thing of the past. Plus, a turnkey way to reduce customer wait times that relates to increased sales regardless of how much data the customer walks in with.  

Best of all, geo-intelligence might be hard to say, but it’s VERY easy to acquire. Don’t go home with vague ideas. Go home with faster turn times and fewer frustrations. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • FASTER service bays – whether it’s about tech time or customer wait time. That’s productivity and CSAT.
  • Putting shoppers in the car they want FASTER – getting to the test drive faster sells more with better CSAT.
  • FASTER recon processes that reduce hold times and headaches – automation is faster than human management and way less frustrating for everyone