Fact over feeling: Use data to drive better buying

Every piece of inventory matters. Because of this, modern car dealerships need to be purposeful with not only how they source vehicles, but in an approach to maximize the per unit profitability potential. For years, there has been an ongoing mindset of trusting one’s gut. But securing inventory is about more than simply guessing. It’s up to dealerships to look at vehicles with an unbiased lens. And there is only one way to do that: data. More and more data streams come online every year bringing new opportunities for efficiency and insights. Creating data-informed vehicle buying opportunities is the only way to move beyond the gut feeling decision-making process of yesteryear. The industry shift towards data-driven buying will create new possibilities and breakout opportunities for dealer

Key Takeaways:

  • How to leverage data to increase vehicle buying opportunities and margin potential
  • Discover the path towards standardizing data for dealerships
  • Integrate solutions for “programmatic” buying to shorten the transaction window
Remarketing Workshop