Digital Platforms Transforming Vehicle Logistics

Providing dealers and institutional consignors with user-friendly technology to manage their vehicle transportation, and how an exercise in Customer Experience Design and Data Intelligence led to the creation of a digital platform.

Areas of Focus:

  • Evolution of the transportation space in the US, including technical limitations before ELD, EPOD, etc.
  • What are the barriers to change based on customer feedback
  • Recent advances that are impacting the automotive and logistics industry
  • The role of carriers and the importance of integration between shipper platforms and the systems carriers are utilizing
  • How dealers and consigners can leverage a digital platform to gain significant efficiencies in vehicle transportation

Key Takeaways:

  • Collection and utilization of data intelligence combined with a customer-centric experience are critical for solutions to help dealers and consignors in today’s marketplace
  • This type of customer-centric digital platform exists today that can solve historical barriers and challenges in vehicle transportation
  • Dealers and consignors that adopt and utilize these digital platforms in their end-to-end logistics operations will yield significant efficiencies and the greatest advantage over their competitors
Remarketing Workshop