Customer Experience: From Innovation to Execution

The prevailing shift to an omnichannel, digital customer experience in the auto retail and financing space is creating the need for a more customer-centric sales strategy. A blueprint for execution is fundamental and paramount. This session will focus on why a digital transformation strategy is critical and on how to execute – from identifying the right tools and partners to recommendations and best practices when launching digital programs and capabilities. We’ll look at emerging ideas and technology and guide the audience with recommendations for smooth change management. The key is continuous, incremental change as opposed to a big bang approach.

Key Takeaways: 

  • Much of the thought leadership today focuses on why digital transformation strategy is important. We will touch on the why briefly, but our primary goal is to help attendees begin to visualize turning strategy into execution- defining vision, objectives, and requirements; identifying the right tools and partners; operating in an agile approach; etc.
  • We’ll look at a few examples of how retailers are leveraging simple solutions today that go a long way for the end customer, to prove to the audience that digital transformation doesn’t have to be daunting and straining. Incremental changes may be more sensible.
  • Coverage of today’s emerging retail technology, and new concepts that the auto market is gearing up for (mobility/alternative usage models, metaverse/blockchain, AI/ML)
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