Actions Required for Auctions to Stay Alive

Advancing technology, social trends, and customer expectations are rapidly changing the auto auction industry. Failure to adapt to these changes is choosing to fail. Growing satisfaction in customers requires land acquisition to be paired with constant innovation and good stewardship. The rapid pace of technology will change job roles and customer expectations. In addition, buyers and sellers are changing, and what they expect and demand is changing, too. This seminar will discuss responsible land use, the changing role of technology and logistics, and new services customers will demand more often like vehicle delivery to the end user. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • Define good land stewardship and what it entails. 
  • Learn how the customer base at auctions is changing and what new services they demand and expect now. 
  • Discover how emerging technologies will affect the use of manpower, the services provided, and the user experience customers will expect and demand in the near future. 
NRC Spring Summit