Call for Speakers

The 2019 Call for Speakers has closed. This form is for 2020 Call for Speakers.

Picture this. It’s 2020. That seems significant — and it isn’t long now before those last two numbers change, and the ball drops on a new year — and a new decade. What do the next 10 years mean for the automotive industry, and for the evolving fintech leaders and experts on the edge of digital retail? It means the industry has a whole new frontier ahead of it, and you — us — are on the cusp of innovation. If your expertise broaches connectivity, mobility, fintech, digital retail, cybersecurity, big data, AI, or machine learning, then the 2020 Auto Intelligence Summit is the right event for you. Have something to say to our audience of auto leaders on the next horizon of automotive? Respond to our call for speakers for next year’s event, and put your name in the AIS 2020 game.

1. Session Title (required):

Limit your title to 50 characters or fewer. Keep it short and simple, but engaging. Attendees should be able to discern your presentation topic from just the title. Spend a minute or two thinking about the most important aspects of your presentation and try to convey the tone of your session. Boring titles imply boring content, so make it interesting!

2. Session Description (required):

In 100 words or fewer, tell attendees why they should attend your session. And if it’s a workshop, why YOUR workshop is the one to choose over the others running concurrently. What will you cover in your session, and what knowledge can they expect to gain? Be specific!

3. Session Objectives (required):

Provide 2-3 brief statements of knowledge you intend to share with attendees. What do you hope to achieve with your session? What do you want your attendees to walk away having learned?

4. Primary Focus (required):

5. Speaker Information (required):

Fill out the complete speaker information form in the way your speaker would like to be registered for the event and as they would like their name and title to appear on the agenda. In the event that your submission is accepted, we will register your speakers using this information. The headshot and bio you submit will be used on our agenda and in our printed materials.

Please upload a recent headshot, .jpg or .png, 300 dpi. Note: Most images downloaded from a website are low resolution and will not work for print.

6. Video Link:

Share a link to a short video (no more than 60 seconds) of your speaker discussing the proposed session. This is a great way to give us a glimpse into the kind of energy and excitement that you’ll bring to the table, especially if you haven’t presented with us before. And if you have presented with us in the past, it’s a great way to share with us what fresh, new energy and content you’ll bring this year.


Feel free to share with us anything else that you’d like us to know! Let us know what you would bring to the discussion that is unique and fresh and why we should choose you to be a part of our event.