The team at AIS is pumped to start the week, because we just pushed our 2020 agenda live at, featuring over 30 workshops for attendees to choose from.

Early bird registration for the Auto Intel Summit, April 14-16 in Raleigh, N.C., is open through March 1. And the event will explore everything from the latest fintech solutions (stay tuned for more information on the Auto Intel Demo Dash coming to AIS this spring) to the latest technology, strategies and insight on the auto digital retail frontier.

In the coming weeks, we will be dissecting our agenda and honing in on different topics,  in hopes of maximizing your time at the upcoming event.

AIS Workshops in Focus

At AIS, as we first release our agenda, we already have upwards of 10 workshops, general sessions and panels that focus specifically on the latest in digital retail. So, that seemed like a logical place to start!

See the full lineup of AIS 2020 speakers, and where you an find them on the spring event agenda.

Here is the lineup of Digital Retail workshops on the agenda for AIS 2020:

  • The ROI of Digital Retailing; Michelle Denogean, CMO, Roadster
  • Retail Automotive: The Rise of the Machines; Len Short, Chairman & CEO, LotLinx

Len Short, Chairman & CEO, LotLinx

  • Bridging the Gap Between Digital Marketing & Digital Retailing; Tarry Shebesta, CEO, truPayments
  • DR: Your Direction Determines Your Destination!; Tim Cox, VP, CarNow
  • Selling cars in 2030: what you do today matters; Joe St. John, Head of Digital Retail, AutoFi
  • Automating Multi-List Platforms; Keith Whetter, Vice President, Liquid Motors
  • Digital Dealerships Signal a New Era in CX; Austin Ledgerwood, VP of Automotive Partnerships, Cover Genius
  • Leveraging the Power of Automation; Kalah McCoy, VP, ReconVelocity

Alisha Buelt, Senior Vice President of Global Strategy, Acertus

  • The Innovation Renovation of Wholesale; Bruce Thompson, Founder, CarOffer
  • Digitizing the Last Mile to Meet Evolving Customer Expectations; Alisha Buelt, Senior Vice President of Global Strategy, Acertus

See the full AIS 2020 agenda for content on fintech solutions, connectivity, mobility, investment in the auto space and more.

And stay tuned for more ‘Workshops Topics in Focus’ as you prepare for your AIS experience. Fintech solutions is up next, with content from companies like, Connections Insights, Agora Data, EpiAnalytics and more.

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