Auto Intel Summit adds Flow, Johnson & Hubert Vester Dealer Groups to Digital Retail Panel

Auto Intel Summit adds Flow, Johnson & Hubert Vester Dealer Groups to Digital Retail Panel

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Next month’s Automotive Intelligence Summit will have at least three of North Carolina’s most well-known and digitally savvy dealership groups on hand for a panel on “Auto Dealerships & The Digital Revolution: What’s Next?”

The session, moderated by North Carolina Automobile Dealers Association president Bob Glaser, will include:

  • Eric Flow, President of Management Services, Flow Automotive Companies​
  • Erick Kirks, Marketing Director, Johnson Automotive
  • Chris Vester, COO, Hubert Vester Auto Group
  • Potentially more

The session will delve into the digital revolution in the auto industry and what it means for dealerships.

It will examine how dealers are evolving to address the digital retailing needs of their customers, while also focusing on how dealerships are using fintech to improve their customers experience inside and outside of the physical dealership.

The panel is set for 1:45 p.m. (ET) on July 24.

It was announced last month that NCADA had joined the Auto Intel Summit as an industry partner.

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“The Automotive Intelligence Summit will cover the most important emerging issues facing our industry today,” Glaser, the NCADA president, said. “Therefore, we are excited to support it and offer our members a chance to interact with and learn from the some of the most notable names in the industry.”

The association said the partnership with the Auto Intel Summit is a reflection of its commitment to offering members the most current educational and professional development opportunities available in the industry.

Bob Glaser, President, North Carolina Automobile Dealers Association (NCADA)

Amid the onset of digital retailing, a plethora of new fintech tools available and the potential for machine learning and AI to automate processes within their business, there is plenty for dealers to consider. In fact, one of the focuses of AIS 2019 is the evolution of digital retailing.

The agenda will also include various other angles on the evolution of digital retail presented during the three days of the second annual AIS. See a snapshot below:

  • Separating the Facts from Fiction: Andrew Tai, CEO at MotoIsight, says his goal during his keynote “is to help dealers better understand the wave of change that is already upon us, but also navigate how to take advantage of it.”
  • The Future of the Automotive Experience — How Unification of Technology Drives the Right Customer Journey; Craig Sims, VP, Automotive Solutions, EquifaxThis session will help attendees see how today’s digital retailing tools are helping to create unification in an effort to drive the most successful customer journey.

Craig Sims, VP, Automotive Solutions, Equifax

  • DR: Your Direction Determines Your Destination: The big buzzwords in automotive right now are “digital retailing”. OEMs and dealers alike are trying to navigate this new world. Tim Cox, Co-Founder at CarNow, shares a clear road map of what is working in some of the most successful dealerships in the country.
  • PeteMacInnis, Founder and CEO, eLEND Solutions, will tackle the following question: Is Digital Retailing Promising More Than It Can Deliver?
  • Digital Retailing and the role of FinTech; Tarry Shebesta, CEO, truPayments: Dealers, OEMs, lenders, credit bureaus, and technology providers are all jockeying for a winning position. Place your bets, and get ready for a spirited interactive discussion from session attendees.

See full descriptions for sessions and the AIS 2019 agenda here. 

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Auto Remarketing editor Joe Overby contributed to this blog post.